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easy collect aircraft information
~50,000,000 registered contacts
303894 unique aircraft records, 28.78% unresolved records
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libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft informations

libhomeradar is an easy to use library for all type of programming language which can use libraries. libhomeradar can connect to different sources to collect aircraft informations arround the world with extended informations, powerful filtering and structured data access.

libhomeradar is written in C and is available for Linux and Windows (2003, XP, NT, Vista).

Currently libhomeradar works with the Kinetic Avionics SBS-1 base station and the Airnav Systems Radarbox.

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Database contribution

If you have a SBS-1 box and/or a Radarbox you can also contribute your contacts to our database.

Windows users should use the winsend2 - database contribution tool Linux users can use our Linux tool.
You can also send your daily report by mail. All the contacts (if callsign is available) will be included and every entry will be checked against our database and you'll get a report of mistakes, new entries or updates for your own SBS1 or RadarBox database.

October 2010: winsend2 can also work as ACARS decoder with basic functions and as client for the ACARS network.


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