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easy collect aircraft information
~50,000,000 registered contacts
303894 unique aircraft records, 28.78% unresolved records
 ACARS DECODER Planespotting Network Kinetic Avionics AirNav Systems Atlas Tracking
libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft informations

libhomeradar is an easy to use library for all type of programming language which can use libraries. libhomeradar can connect to different sources to collect aircraft informations arround the world with extended informations, powerful filtering and structured data access.

libhomeradar is written in C and is available for Linux and Windows (2003, XP, NT, Vista).

Currently libhomeradar works with the Kinetic Avionics SBS-1 base station and the Airnav Systems Radarbox.

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Logfile creation and handling

libhomeradar can create a logfile which contains infos from nearly all important events. By default the logfile is disabled. You can enable the logfile with the LHR_LOG_ENABLE flag (see flags) and the homeradar_logcontrol() function.

Function description:

/* Control logfile handling of libhomeradar
   Should be called with the following parameters
   handle - libhomeradar handle
   flag   - logfile flag (see libhomeradar.h)
   param  - needed parameters or null

   Returns TRUE (1) on success or FALSE (0) on error 
extern int homeradar_logcontrol(LHR handle, const int flag, const void *param);

The third parameter should be NULL except for the following flags:

LHR_LOG_LEVEL		Set logfile level (see flags)
			param must be a pointer to an integer
LHR_LOG_LOCATION	Set logfile path and filename
			param must be a pointer to a string
LHR_LOG_OUTPUT		Output logfile to given handle
			param must be of type FILE*

All logfile entries are queued by the library self. You can use the LHR_LOG_FLUSH flag to flush all items into the logfile (if defined).
If the internal queue is full, the content will automatically be written to the logfile and removed from the internal queue.
If the logfile option is enabled, the LHR_LOG_LEVEL_LOW loglevel is set per default. You can change this with the homeradar_logcontrol() function and the LHR_LOG_LEVEL flag.

Building your program with libhomeradar support Docu
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