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easy collect aircraft information
~50,000,000 registered contacts
303894 unique aircraft records, 28.78% unresolved records
 ACARS DECODER Planespotting Network Kinetic Avionics AirNav Systems Atlas Tracking
libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft informations

libhomeradar is an easy to use library for all type of programming language which can use libraries. libhomeradar can connect to different sources to collect aircraft informations arround the world with extended informations, powerful filtering and structured data access.

libhomeradar is written in C and is available for Linux and Windows (2003, XP, NT, Vista).

Currently libhomeradar works with the Kinetic Avionics SBS-1 base station and the Airnav Systems Radarbox.

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Release plan for the next version

Here is a short list of features which we try to include in the next version of libhomeradar. In case you need special features, feel free to mail us. We always try to include userrequests into our software.


Features for the next release

  • Inclusion of a translation table to translate callsign flightnumbers into human readable flightnumbers (done in 1.002)
  • Realtime updates from our database server
  • Flight plot into Google Maps (local on the users system) (done in 1.002)
  • automatic reconnect to collector server on connection loss (done with callback handlers)
  • some type of modifier functions (library files) which will be used like filters but with modification of the content before the internal filtering is activ (not included, can be done by userspace program)
  • ReConnect handling for all socket based functions in libhomeradar
  • Automatic reloading of the translation table if the file was changed
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