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easy collect aircraft information
~50,000,000 registered contacts
303894 unique aircraft records, 28.78% unresolved records
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libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft informations

libhomeradar is an easy to use library for all type of programming language which can use libraries. libhomeradar can connect to different sources to collect aircraft informations arround the world with extended informations, powerful filtering and structured data access.

libhomeradar is written in C and is available for Linux and Windows (2003, XP, NT, Vista).

Currently libhomeradar works with the Kinetic Avionics SBS-1 base station and the Airnav Systems Radarbox.

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Latest library versions and databases

Here you can download the latest library versions and database files which can be used for libhomeradar database lookups.
You can update or use your own databases as long as the fileformat is the same like in our database files.
Please read our documentation on how to install libhomeradar and how to create your own libhomeradar powered application.

FOR WINDOWS USERS: Please take a look at winsend2 - our database contribution tool.
FOR LINUX USERS: Get your libhomeradar webserver example here

Library downloads

If you already use a version before 1.003 - 
   please recompile your project against the latest library and headerfiles

Here you'll find the latest libraries for Linux and Windows (NT, 2003, XP, Vista)

libhomeradar Version 1.005 (Windows and Linux)
                        Build date 28/Aug/2008

libhomeradar for Linux [ Download ] 92.52kb
libhomeradar-1.005.tgz  MD5: 2b30af26496c255cc4ec9fefea4f0052  changed: 2010/05/20

libhomeradar for Windows [ Download ] 109.62kb  MD5: 3b05cf7dc6b6f4922ba239fae6cc9c28  changed: 2010/06/03

You cannot use the library under Windows 95 or Windows 98


Download winsend2 - Windows users only

winsend2 is a complete database contribution tool with aircraft photos, aircraft data editor and full support for the libhomeradar personal pages

» download winsend2 2.4.7 [13,348 KB]

Database downloads

Here you'll find the latest database files.

Aircraft identification [ Download ] 38.06kb          MD5: 6a5a491ee6bad2d939226abf34604afb  changed: 2010/06/03

ICAO24 / Aircraft identification (1.006 and above) [ Download ] 1316.99kb     MD5: 73018960fec5fa02e8dc460794bc8173  changed: 2010/06/03

ICAO24 / Aircraft identification (1.004 and above) [ Download ] 454.07kb       MD5: ace66fe5c39ef5e7a0804b83663804c4  changed: 2010/06/03

Flight routing database [ Download ] 1178.82kb         MD5: 78571057cd084204a8a66cd2bf260a57  changed: 2010/06/03

New flight routing database (1.100 and above) [ Download ] 948.68kb        MD5: e707f5893e3c8b08125cf59ce6da82bd  changed: 2010/06/03

Airport database [ Download ] 250.76kb        MD5: 0fb1d12adfef460275f43ee04eeac9bd  changed: 2010/06/03

Detailed aircraft database [ Download ] 1282.48kb       MD5: eca6fb84714e596d73760676744b39d0  changed: 2010/06/03

Airline identification database [ Download ] 16.14kb        MD5: bf92933d306087590cb1fdbca4e53cfe  changed: 2010/06/03

Translation table (for libhomeradar 1.002 and above) [ Download ] 13.66kb     MD5: d3b3f84101c61a5a8314dd091099930c  changed: 2010/06/03

Database updates

Take a look at or to get always the latest aviation updates and news.
See photos and upload your own aircraft photos to