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easy collect aircraft information
~50,000,000 registered contacts
303894 unique aircraft records, 28.78% unresolved records
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libhomeradar - easy collect aircraft informations

libhomeradar is an easy to use library for all type of programming language which can use libraries. libhomeradar can connect to different sources to collect aircraft informations arround the world with extended informations, powerful filtering and structured data access.

libhomeradar is written in C and is available for Linux and Windows (2003, XP, NT, Vista).

Currently libhomeradar works with the Kinetic Avionics SBS-1 base station and the Airnav Systems Radarbox.

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Airtraffic over London, UK

Our API access rules have been changed.

You have a chance to get a free issue of JP Fleets 2010 and more.


Since we have a small partnership with FlightGlobal every contributor to libhomeradar can decide to send his contacts also to the Atlas realtime flash map.
Simply download the small Windows Application [446 KB] and start contributing your contacts to libhomeradar and (if you wish) also to the Atlas map.
Do contribute contacts to the Atlas map, you need a personal account.

Read more about this new partnership

libhomeradar - Latest news

Added a new option for users with personal accounts. If aircraft information will be added for unknown contacts, a user with an personal account will get an information mail to update his own local database.

We are sorry, but the search options on the public page have been changed. The starts with or contains option is no longer available. There is currently no other way to control the high database traffic. We are glad about the new server but in real we need at least 3 running servers with the current traffic.
Users with personal pages still have the extended search options!

Our new server (Quad XEON 3.2GHz, 16GB RAM) is now finally in use. Database requests are now back in full speed.

Our public API is now also available as a special page for smartphone users. Read more...

Because of a short holiday break, our support is not reachable from February 05th until February 23rd.
In case of technical problems please send a mail to


The bug within the aiport search is fixed. Sorry for that!

We have fixed a small bug within the personal data display section.
The database access is sometimes very busy. We still wait for the memory upgrade.

Because of some claims from different business and private pilots we have added a black- and blocklist for aircrafts.
If you wish to remove your aircraft completly from the public database you can send us a short mail.
There are 2 possible exclusions:

#1 - total exclusion (blocklisting by registration - the database will result with 'aircraft not found' even if there are some records)
#2 - blacklisting (The last 2 characters from the aircraft registration will be deleted. For example: D-ABCD will be D-AB##)

Release of winsend2 2.1.7 as public release.
- read more about winsend2
- read the documentation for winsend2 [1,116 KB] (PDF)

Not everybody is a friend of the new database search layout. We have added the old style for users with problems with the new layout.

Released a preview version of winsend2 for all personal account owners

Added new option to the personal pages to enable/disable daily summary mails.

Some minor bugs within the personal section fixed. Also fixed the link for the unknown flights.

We have switched to our new designed flight database. During the next days some errormessages are possible until we have checked all SQL statements.
Now every visitor can send flightdata if he know the route for a flight. (On the details page)

Added a list with latest aircraft updates.
Fixed a bug within the personal pages settings administration.
Added new option for users of the personal pages. A list with unresolvable ICAO24 codes is now available.

New option added for the libhomeradar personal pages 'new contacted aircrafts'.

The next generation of database contribution tool (winsend2) is available.
We have also launched our new section: libhomeradar personal - take a look!

Take a free tour trough the personal pages »

libhomeradar API updated. Please take a look at the updated documentation [135 KB] for our public API. Added description for the aircraft activity index (seen on aircraft overview page. for example: HA-LOA)

Public description of our logfile parse and analyse service added. Service now available for every SBS-1 or RadarBox user.

Happy New Year to all visitors
Search by callsign is now enabled.

Our database is now located on a new server

Our new server is ready and our sister site was already moved. will be moved on 29th of december. The page will not be reachable for 3-4 hours.

Merry Christmas everyone - Euch eine schöne Weihnachtszeit - Buon Natale - Felices Fiestas - Prettige Kerstdagen - Boldog Karácsony

Databases will be exported every midnight and can be downloaded from the download section.


25/Nov/2008 - libhomeradar aircraft lookup widget
We have released our widget for your aviation website. You can enhance your website by adding our database lookup widget. Users can search by aircraft reg or ICAO24 address
The result include all needed aircraft type and address informations and informations about the last contact (if available).
Sourecode to include the libhomeradar widget into your own page:

<iframe width="260" height="163"
 style="padding:0;margin:0;" border="0"

Page was offline for 2 hours today. Reason was a major database update.

Added statistic informations (see top of page) - update once per hour. Also available a listing with unresolved ICAO24 codes.

Since we get our contacts from different sources and also from logfiles, it's difficult to set correct timestamps. For this reason we have removed the timestamp from imported contacts. Contacts which are imported from live systems ar available with full a timestamp (date & time)

We are still looking for some helping hands!

Added a flexible list of aircrafts which are not contacted since ? month.
Fixed a small bug in WinSend. Now it works also under Windows Vista.


It's now very easy to send your contacts to our database. Read here for more informations.

We are looking for helping hands.

A small bug within our Online API fixed and added new API request 'byflight'. Please read the API documentation [135 KB] for details.

The countrylist table was redesign. Requests for the list of contacted aircraft by country is fast.
The currently slowest request is to get details for a flight on a often contacted airline. We work on this.
The listing of the aircraft with missing information has changed and also the URL to get this listing.

Optimized some DB queries. We get a new server soon :)
Included list of aircraft manufacturer.

You can now save your search results to the quicksearch board, send search results to a friend or post search results in a forum or use search results within your HTML code (you'll find the link over the search results table)


Expand our database:
Radarbox Users can send daily reports with mail to our collector server.
Added listing with aircrafts which are no longer in use (wfu / scrapped / crashed / reregistered / sold)

Registration News - a special service from Skyliner Aviation News & More magazin.

Added new search option to show all first contacted aircraft during the last 24 hours.

libhomeradar 1.005 released for Linux and Windows.
Online documentation updated to include all new function of libhomeradar 1.005. Also added 4 new usage examples.

Airline listing added and some database queries optimized.

Because of a lot of simultaneous search queries, our server is sometimes very slow. We are working on a little bit of database optimization but in the near future we have to change our hardware. Currently we are looking forward to get a fast machine sponsored soon.


Our both testservers ( and are online again after some hardware reconstructions.
New search options added to the contact database search engine. libhomeradar 1.005 currently in beta test.

libhomeradar public online API is available now.

More links added to the flight detail page (click on a table row within your search results)


Search queries which are running very long will be terminated by the server after 30 seconds. New fast indices created for flightnumber search and airport search.

Its now possible to resort search results by clicking on the table header.

Added a detail page for every contacted aircraft with type listing ordered by construction number. You'll find the link within the contact details view.
Our Radarbox server is currently offline!

Airline search optimized and added search for missing airline informations to the search results page.

libhomeradar 1.003 released
New search option added! Search by country where the aircraft is registered (based on the ICAO24-address).
Also added a small flag icon in the search results to show where the aircraft is registered.

Added ICAO24-address allocation informations and a overview of all contacted aircrafts from a selected country (selectable within the overview table).

Fixed a bug within the quicksearch option of the page.
Added aircraft statistics and airline statistics based on the contacted flights of the last 24 hours.


Added more search options to the search result page. Business Flight will be added for all Business flights (Callsign=Flightnumber=Registration)
No photo link if the aircraft is not known. No 'all flights from this airline' for Business flights.

Userinterface added to make it possible for our visitors to add aircraft details if missing. Database optimized to get faster results.

libhomeradar 1.002 for Linux is released. More options for database search added to the database lookup page. A quicklookup widget (upper right corner) is also available now. You can make a quick search for ICAO24 frame id's, flights, airlines and registrations.

libhomeradar 1.002 for Windows is released. Included now a small usage example binary to connect to a server and to display the contacted aircrafts in your favorite web browser. (See the documentation for the new features of libhomeradar 1.002)
Linux version will be available soon.

More functions are now available within the flight detail display.

Because of a small bug in the download script, MSIE users could not download any files from us. The bug is fixed (download script removed) and everybody can now download all type of files (from the download area)

Page was made public after a long period of testing. If you use libhomeradar and you find it useful, feel free to write us. If you find a bug or need a feature - write us!